Continuity & Change has been the only constant in the Supply Chain & Logistics over the past 50 years.

Digitalisation has established the buy anywhere, fulfil anywhere, and return anywhere experience. Today’s consumers have been conditioned by multiple industries to expect personalised interactions across different channels. Combined with the revolution in disruptive technologies, the supply chain and logistic networks are consistently having to adapt plans and adopt new technologies to maintain equitable benefits.

Our mission is to horizontally integrate supply chains, with technology and logistics processes, with multiple stakeholder operations in real time.

Our Mantra is an integrated ‘Dual focus, One Goal’ approach. We live and breathe it. Our clients operate in a 24/7/365 transactional space. Our focus is the optimisation of touch points aligning and synchronising of multiple stakeholder activities to secure customer goals.

Our colleagues have a common culture anchored in a clear set of professional standards that makes Macdui different. We provide a relaxed environment to optimise solutions through an international network of proven specialists.


We are not bound to win, or be right, but we are bound, to be honest.

We will not just repair and ameliorate the symptoms; we will ‘suggest’ ways to remove factors impeding growth and waste management.

We focus on the supply chain, logistics and the transactional space; in which we identify the processes of continuity and change rather than snapshots of an event. We identify and evaluate universal interrelationships as opposed to binary linear cause-effect chains.


Macdui is not shy in stating we are a specialised boutique supply chain, logistics solution and project management consultancy provider. Our structure reflects the volatile changing nature of the global economy. We do not have a large staff. We have a network of proven specialist partners providing strictly unbiased service, delivering front line and real-time experience. We support and evaluate business needs as they adapt and adopt new methods of supply, in a rapidly evolving volatile demand driven consumer society.

New thinking for growth is based on; agility, speed, hyper-collaboration, exponential change, including application programming interface (“API”) and resilience. Disruptive technologies are providing increasing user empowerment that will disrupt more and more traditional supply chain and logistic networks at increasing speed. Mobile technology is becoming ever more pervasive radically reshaping businesses at every turn. Supply Chain, Logistic, Operational and Transactional Performance management has to become;

Dynamic    |    Real-Time    |    Social    |    Mobile
Local    |    Fluid    |    Predictive

The most effective way to bring value to any client or project is to become its partner.

Our fiscal policy is to understand any business is; “to know the numbers, is to know the business.”