case studies

Russia – CIS

“Accessing Russia and the CIS has its challenges”

Our Moscow based company has been operating in Russia / CIS for 24 years. Our USA Client wanted to expand in to Russia and we needed supply chain S&OP expertise.

Macdui assisted us to develop an S&OP process for our Client, that would seamlessly translate local customs and practice. Macdui’s obvious international experience and their broad industry knowledge, combined with detailed operational execution delivered with their down to earth training courses, provided a catalyst to the successful implementation of our client’s business.  All training delivered on time and within budget.  Macdui further provided 18.5% savings on the overall implementation cost. Communication between all parties was exceptional. Feedback from the training courses was invaluable in determining individual branches cultural readiness, for our clients S&OP implementation.

Larisa Klasnikova



Czech Republic – Prague & Berno

“Can we do better”

As the major shareholder of a research and development company specialising in Applied Cryptology and High Performance Computing for Governments and research institutions business based in Prague & Brno.  We needed to re-engineer our supply chain strategy to cope with the additional demand brought about by our planned growth.

Our efficient production systems needed to be linked to a best-in-class supply chain to ensure our products reached customers in a timely and efficient way. Macdui approach was to forge best practice with on-going flexibility, enabling us to select a high-quality logistics partner to drive up customer service

Mr John Napier

Major Shareholder

CEPIA Technologies Prague


“We undervalued the Integrated Supply Chain Risk.”

We were tasked by our client to evaluate the mobility risk of a new location for their new USD multi-million OEM distribution centre, for national and international exports. Macdui while clearly understanding the ‘physical risk’ of the supply chain, were able to demonstrate the preferred location was not as cost-effective as originally envisaged.

Their total cost to serve model included;

  • Weather disruptions
  • Transportation modelling
  • Access and egress of raw and finished goods
  • Operating times
  • Power guarantees for satellite warehousing
  • Real time data management by outsourced parties

Macdui Saved 26% of the original budget and enabled us to fulfil our original brief. Macdui: Simple, straight forward no fuss, great to work with.

Mr Shaun Boulter

Regional Head of Security

AA International

Neuchâtel – Switzerland

“Integrating the Inflight Supply Chain”

HIGHLINER, the newly launched Swiss company, is producing cutting edge new trolleys for the aviation sector.  With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Maria R. Iacobucci has combined her generations of expertise to create trolleys which are unprecedented in the world of aviation services.

Trolleys are moving from being analog equipment, into digital and intelligent units. Thus, an array of technology will be embedded in the trolleys. This technology and integrated inflight supply chain platform, will be exclusively provided by Macdui’s RIALTO system. Macdui have a real understanding of the transactional space and the personalisation of demand within the integrated supply chain, in the mobile retail sector.

Maria R Lacobucci

Founder Highliner.

Neuchâtel Switzerland

Dublin – Republic of Ireland

“Restructuring and expanding the business”

FMC-Ultratech are a Dublin based Facilities Management Company (“FMC”). With a strong presence in the ‘hard’ & ‘soft’ FMC needs in; warehousing and logistics, education, printing and office blocks.

I have and continue to use Macdui for my corporate needs. They successfully navigated our entry in to the UK market. Winning tenders that included; 22 UK academy school sites in support of E-ACT Academy, Marquee office block in central London and logistic industry UK warehousing.

Commercially very strong, with great communication skills, Macdui have been central to our successful expansion.

Ken Grogan

Managing Director

FMC UK & Ireland