Nigel Devenish BSc, cilt


The CEO of Macdui Consultants. An experienced Supply Chain Architect with over 20 years in the Supply Chain working with internationally recognised 3PL / 4PL’s and holding senior positions ranging from; Solutions, Operations and Commercial Director’s roles.

Nigel’s experience includes; FMCG – Grocery Retail (Perishable, chill, freeze, dry and ambient); Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Printing, Construction, Retail – (Apparel – boxed, hanging) Telecommunications, Maritime and supply chain security (soft and hard) etc.

The last six years Nigel has focused on the growth of mobility and transactional technology impacting the supply chain. He is a specialist in mobility management, organisation change issues and operational strategies. Nigel has established a reputation for creative innovative technology solutions in solving complex supply chain & logistic transactional challenges.

Dr. Dermot Carey

Materials Management Consultant to Macdui

Dr Carey is an experienced management consultant, trainer and business coach. He is a Doctor of Business Administration and part of his research focused on the implementation and application of Integrated Supply Chain Management Processes, Systems and Structures in a complex business environment.

Dr. Carey’s experience includes such sectors as Healthcare, Telecommunications, Software Development, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Aerospace, Construction Industry Federation, Aircraft Maintenance, Airlines, Defence, Financial Services, Computer Manufacturing, Education, Clothing, Confectionery, Electronics, Engineering, Government Departments, Logistics, Mail Order, Oil & Gas Exploration & Drilling, Print, Railways, Retail, Steel Manufacturing, Software Supplies, and Ship Building. This experience was gained in Ireland, UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Malaysia, and the USA.

Macdui’s Technology partners

Macdui’s Technology Partners Lakeshore Data Management (“LDM”) is Head Office in Montréal Canada. They are an information services and technology company specialising in the retail/distribution supply chain.

Data is at the core of everything they do.

LDM collect raw data in real-time from retail outlets and other sources (transactions, images, sensor data); and transform it into actionable information (alerts, business analytics, supply chain data, scan data, fiscal data).

Since information without action is worthless, they also offer their considerable retail/distribution industry expertise to help their clients use the information they create to streamline client business processes, reduce cost and improve profitability.

Their clients are retailers and their supply chain partners – manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, brokers and agents. Although they use state-of-the-art open systems and Cloud-based technologies to deliver their services, technology is not the focus of their business.

Their focus like Macdui, is each client’s bottom line: understanding his/her specific needs and delivering a customised business solution with a positive return on investment (ROI). LDM Serves 5,000 client in 20 countries.


Bill Pugsley

Executive Chairman and CEO of EMEA Lakeshore Data Management

London based Bill has spent over forty-five years providing Information Technology solutions, of which thirty years has been focused on electronic commerce. This has allowed him to work in many different disciplines (Health to Banking, Manufacturing to Retail, Services to Construction etc.). A key component has been working internationally providing services and solutions to customers in over seventy countries

Experience as an Executive (and non-Executive) Director of several UK Limited and PLC Companies, and as Executive Director of Corporations in Australia, Singapore and the USA, Bill was elected a Fellow of The Institute of Directors in 1982, he was a non-executive director of GS1 UK (part of the GS1 International Membership organisation) for over eight years (having been appointed to the board in 1998). Bill is based in London and Ireland

Terry buckley

CEO & President of Lakeshore Data Management

Montréal based Terry, has over 40 years’ experience building business consulting and information technology companies around the world.

He has designed, developed and successfully brought to market data management and e-business systems which have been marketed by his companies and licensed by major international companies. These systems have been sold and installed in a broad cross section of retail/distribution in more than 13 countries.

Clients include: Imperial Tobacco, Staples and Revenue Quebec (Canada), Marks & Spencer International (UK), Woolworths, Telstra and Australia Post (Australia), Parkson and Sunway Technology (Malaysia) and Robinsons (Singapore).

Professor Edward Sweeney

Educational and Industry insight

Ed Sweeney is at the vanguard of fusing the new generation of Supply Chain and Logistic professionals, aligning academic content to the real world needs of industry. Ed and his team provide an incredible reservoir of research, analytical engineering needs for our clients on a project by project basis

Professor Edward Sweeney: Professor of Logistics, Head of Engineering Systems & Management (ESM) Group. Director of Aston Logistics & Systems Institute, School of Engineering and Applied Science, Aston University, Birmingham, B4 7ET

Antony Brown

Managing Partner-

Multi-Jurisdictional Legal Partner

Globalisation of international supply chains are increasingly operating within a volatile context. The political, cultural, economic, operational and commercial complexity of operating across multi-jurisdictional boundaries, are increasingly causing contractual disputes. Interrupting the flow of materials, services and products. Our legal partner BIVONAS LAW has built an exceptional reputation in managing such issues, with expediency.