Inventory Optimisation

Balancing Capital Investment with service goals in a demand lead market place

The business goal is to control inventory volume at a level that will generate maximum profit whilst fulfilling demand. This process has to manage the increasing complexities of e/m – commerce.


Safety Stock

This is also known as (buffer stock) this is the additional quantity of a Stock Keeping Unit (“SKU”) held in the inventory, to mitigate risk of stock-outs as a result of the volatile nature with both supply and demand.

Statistical Analysis

Volumetric modelling of inventory, operations, and distribution using empirical statistics informs the business, to determine the probability of any unintentional consequences of volatility in planned demand and the impact on the replenishment plan.

Inventory Targets – Stock Optimisation

Inventory targets at the basic level has two objectives (1) Cycle Stock (2) Safety Stock. There is a plethora of industry operating systems geared through multiple Business Management Processes (“BPM”) to control cycle stock and safety stock and to analyse supply history alongside product forecast.

Key Performance Indicators (“KPI’s”)

Know your numbers, is to know your business

We focus on the whole operation. Our raison d’être is not merely finding statistical patterns in the data and analysing correlation. We are more interested in understanding causation for a non-compliance or unplanned event, seeing patterns of change rather static snapshots.

We can provide multiple methods of measuring and managing the right operational activity, that will provide and optimise the Cost-To-Serve supply chain model.

Our fiscal policy in understanding any business is; ” to know the numbers, is to know the business.” We penetrate right through the operations to unlock the real value and have the moral fortitude to act. Our repository of proven talent is brought together to challenge established thinking.