Risk Management in the 21st Century Supply Chain

These are revolutionary times in today’s supply chains

These are revolutionary times, in today’s supply chains. Artificial Intelligence is impregnating industry with increasing automation, with more robotics and the threat of greater computerisation rendering once secure source of employment superfluous to the P&L.

The 21st century vision of the economic community may well be centred around the ‘gig or niche economies’, who will trade locally, nationally or internationally. With their transactional peers, authenticated through multi-connected social networks.

The prospect of new blockchain technologies creating transactional trust at scale enabling those individuals (the new talentism), to support themselves as small scale entrepreneurs will become common place. Future mobile transactional commerce, will increasingly empower nimble consumers seeking personalised demand with velocity.

The risk management response, by the 3/4PL’s, OEM’s, Manufacturers, Producers and Distributors and these ‘Gig Economies’ are going to need to be equipped with an increasing array of corporate integrated supply chain capabilities. With an architecture of affordability to make commercially correct decisions in time, and to execute them. This will involve multi-layered local, national and international supply chain and logistic functions with the ability to harmonise and synchronise the communications data chain to all stakeholders.

If this was not enough! the end-to-end supply chain of the 21st century, will have to inculcate the modern asymmetrical nature of terrorist threats disrupting; shipping, intermodal, aviation and transportation trade lanes. Exacerbated with the need to consider the potential impact of natural disasters and global economic shocks, disrupting the supply chain.

Let us not forget the security of data management and general digital communications. Software companies will fight tooth and nail not to be accountable of subsequent security floors, found in their designs. The increase in cryptology to secure business data communications is inevitably, going to be needed in the transactional space by all stakeholders.

As Oscar Wild said

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay for greatness”.

In the world of today, the invasion of cheap replica imitation goods and products entering the supply chain can adversely impact overnight on any business. Security in the supply chain is now a 24/7/365 demand.

We understand this, and with our international team of proven specialist, we retain a “dual focus, one goal” approach to your current and future business-critical supply chain and logistic needs.   

These needs could be;
  • End-to-End supply chain risk management audits
  • Transactional systems (epos), wms, track & trace technology
  • Advanced cryptology
  • Last mile multi-user distribution technology
  • Security of the supply chain both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’
  • Secure sourcing for retail buyers