Is Technology Transforming or Eliminating the SCM Process?

Distribution chains are becoming obsolete replaced by distribution communities that collectively create value for the consumer. B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C companies have deployed powerful digital tools to enhance the customer journey and shift consumer behaviour. They have innovated with adaptive interfaces, integrating with multiple channels including social platforms to make change a more personal and responsive demand side.

The supply side; is constrained where management and organisational capacity to communicate through layers of operational functions (many outsourced), are hampered by time, legacy rigid silo systems and geography.

High amortisation costs of large enterprise systems within warehouses, operations and transport management, impedes the ability to embrace community enterprise in becoming;

• Dynamic
• Real-time
• Social
• Mobile
• Local
• Fluid
• Predictive

Through our technology partners, we have developed two technology platforms that enable SME’s to seamlessly adapt current technologies, to capture trend solutions now

Our systems and processes are:

• Light touch – Non-Invasive (There is no impact on current systems or processes)

• Harmonise and Synchronise actionable intelligence to all stakeholders

• Information before Interaction (with stakeholders and clients/customers)

• Horizontally integrates all stakeholders in real-time

• Propagates actionable intelligence across the integrated supply chain

We deliver value to our clients and projects by harmonising and synchronising actionable intelligence to all stakeholders in the transformational process.

We challenge the norm in ever-changing complexities, of a mobile demand driven transactional society.